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Spotlight Musical Theatre Academy

Spotlight Musical Theatre Academy is dedicated to enriching the lives of children both on and off stage.  Our students range from 4 to 18 and receive focused training in Acting, Music and Dance from some of the top professionals in the greater Portland Metro Area. 

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Private Student Coaching

I offer hour long coaching sessions for those who are interested working in a more focused environment.  We can specialize our time together to focus on what you want, looking at character development, script analysis and ways to reimagine your go to audition piece.  Please click the button to contact me for rates and availability.

Public Speaking Coaching

Are you constantly finding yourself in front of a group of people and sick to your stomach when you have to speak?  We can work on a variety of ways to help focus and calm yourself before as well as techniques to keep the audiences attention and end your speech with a bang.   Please click the button to contact me for rates, etc.

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Audition Workshop

We focus on that precious first 5 seconds, from walking into the room, engaging the directors and working with your accompanist.  It's what will clinch a callback!  We also look at etiquette, dress, resumes, headshots and creative ways to follow up with the theatre to keep you in their sites.  

Song Workshop

Some of the best learning comes from watching others.  This is a workshop with a live accompanist where we focus on everyone's favorite go-to song.  You will be amazed at how quickly people improve when seeing someone else make the same mistake.  Two hours long and a limited class size of 10. 

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